A Firearm Manufacturer Just Predicted Gun Sales Under Trump

Ruger Firearms expects to maintain flourishing gun sales under President Trump, per Fox Business.

The comment was made in response to speculation that a pro-second amendment administration would bring about a decline in consumer demand.

Check it out:

During a conference call Thursday, one Wall Street analyst suggested that Trump would have a negative impact on the consumer firearms market, citing record-breaking sales during eight years of the Obama administration. In recent years, sales spiked when consumers sensed an elevated threat of new gun-control measures. Trump has been a vocal advocate for the gun industry, and his choice of Neil Gorsuch to join the Supreme Court calmed fears that existing gun rights could be curbed.

Ruger CEO Michael Fifer said other factors, such as owners buying multiple firearms, will keep the industry going strong.

“I think that’s kind of a pretty harsh one to say that the levels will revert back to 2008,” Fifer told analysts on Ruger’s fourth-quarter earnings call. “Firearms ownership is much more socially acceptable. It’s much wider than it was before. There are more states that have adopted laws enabling concealed carry.”

Fifer also said that the recent criticism of law enforcement in the media has driven crime up in some places, causing Americans to purchase more firearms.