7 Heartbreaking 1911 Pistol Fails

Gun fails can happen to any firearm under certain circumstances.

Faulty ammunition, in many cases, is the direct cause of gun kabooms. Whatever the cause, these 1911 pistol fails will certainly give you quite the shock.

This stricken pistol is an AMT Combat Government Hardballer 1911. An overloaded handloaded .45 ACP. cartridge turned this beauty into scrap within moments.

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This Nighthawk 1911 was chambered for the hot 10mm load. It was said once to be very accurate, before Armscor 10mm ammunition split it wide open.

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Here is a 1911 pistol with an untold story. All we know is that it now has legs. That was indeed a sad day at the range…

The Firing Line

Here is another view of that AMT Hardballer pictured earlier. Hand grenade, anyone?


Ever fire a .40 S&W cartridge inside of a .45 ACP. 1911 pistol? This guy did and luckily had to replace only his pistol, not his hand.

KaBoom_022 (1)

This 1911 pistol has seen better days. Take one guess what the probable cause of this kaboom was?

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Here is another fine example of a 1911 pistol that has sprouted legs.

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Whether it’s a Glock, a long gun, a revolver or a 1911 pistol, kabooms can happen. Only shoot quality factory loaded ammunition or your own personally carefully handloaded ammunition. Be careful; you only have one life to live and only so many appendages to lose during that time.