A French Rotary Action Submachine Gun? Forgotten Weapons Found One

The MGD PM9 Submachine Gun is unlike any other.

It uses a rotary action that allows for maximum concealment.

Forgotten Weapons checks out the French Rotary Action MGD PM9 Submachine Gun.

Ever hear of a rotary action? Well this French submachine gun has an action unlike any other. The rotary mainspring is like a clock spring. It allows the weapon to be much smaller. The whole package folds up into a small size originally invented for French Police to be concealable.

This small sized 9mm submachine gun actually uses left over 32 round capacity German MP 38/40 magazines from World War Two. Now that is wise to use all of those surplus magazines available at that time in post war France.

Special thanks to Ian that in his many travels finds remarkable forgotten weapons. Now that is quite an incredible find.