Millions of Gun Owners May Become Criminals On July 1…

The State of California just passed more draconian gun control measures along with the citizens ignorantly voting on fear-mongering ballot initiatives.

Beginning July 1, any gun owner who owns magazines that can hold over 10 rounds is supposed to give them up. They either have to destroy them, give them to police, give them to gun shops, or sell them out of state. So far, no one has seemed to comply and sheriffs are saying they aren’t planning on seeking out gun owners and checking their magazines.

You know who won’t be turning in any ‘high-capacity magazines,’ ever? Criminals. Because criminals don’t obey gun control laws put into place by simpering fools. From The Sacramento Bee:

The law provides no state funds to compensate owners for their magazines, and there’s no way to track whether gun owners give them up.

The law does give California gun owners several options to get rid of their magazines, including moving them out of state, turning them into law enforcement, selling them to a licensed dealer or destroying them by July 1. Some gun shops also are offering to permanently modify magazines to make them legal.

Voluntary compliance among otherwise law-abiding gun owners is another matter.

California cities with local ordinances haven’t had very many gun owners hand magazines in to police, though officers have removed some from circulation during the course of their investigations. The Los Angeles Police Department, for instance, seized nearly 9,000 magazines since it enacted a ban in 2015. Almost of all those magazines came from a cache police found inside a home of a gun collector who died in 2015. The department said it doesn’t track how many citizens voluntarily turned theirs in.

But wait, it gets even worse. There are other new draconian laws on the books that will be going into effect at later dates:

Starting in January, Californians who want to buy ammunition online or through catalogs will have to ship their purchases through a licensed dealer. In July 2019, ammunition buyers will have to undergo background checks at retailers. Under the existing rules, anyone age 18 or older (21 or older for handguns) can buy ammunition without a background check, and sellers need no special training or license.

The gun controllers in California don’t care that none of these laws will stop criminals from getting high-capacity magazines or from getting ammunition without a background check. Because these people don’t actually care about stopping criminals; they only care about controlling law-abiding citizens who simply want to practice their fundamental human right to self-defense.

If you’re a law-abiding gun owner, Democrats and gun controllers hate you. Flee while you can still make it out safely.