New GLOCK Models Set For Summer 2017 – G19C And More

While not the elusive ‘M’ or ‘Generation 5’ models, it appears that GLOCK is set to release new features on some existing models later this year. Most notably, the polymer pistol king will add front slide serrations to the Gen4 G19 and G17 models. Also, both Gen4 models will now include a compensated ‘C’ subset with barrel ports and top slide cuts.

A few of the models now show ‘steel fixed sights’ as standard but it is unclear if that the previously included plastic sights have been discontinued or that the these models now include night sights by default.

Along with the above listed updates and additions, GLOCK appears to be adding updating the G24 Gen3 model to include factory night sights as standard. The G24 is a competition-based long slide pistol chambered in .40S&W.

News of the new guns originally came from linked below.

New GLOCK Models From

Looks like Glock will be offering the guns listed below sometime this summer! Give us a call (919) 803-4605 or email us at if you would like to be put on our list for these!

The FS version will have forward slide serrations, steel sights, and extended controls. Glock will also offer night sights as a factory option on the G17 Gen4, G19 Gen4, G42, and G43.

G19 Gen4 FS
G17 Gen4 FS
G17C Gen4
G19C Gen4
G17L Gen3
G24 Gen3

Apparent Confirmation of the new Factory GLOCK Models From Lipsey’s G19C & G17C

G19C G24