Officers attacked by minister, his family and members of congregation in Georgia

Police in Georgia took a Lilburn minister, his wife and two sons into custody after a brawl broke out in front of their church, disarming one officer and pushing another against a wall.

The officers were called to the scene Saturday after a woman reported she had seen her runaway teenage daughter.

“They have my daughter, they won’t let her have communication with me. The lady from the church was yelling at me,” the woman told WSB-TV. They said they had custody from DFACS, but it’s not true.”

When Lilburn PD arrived, they soon found themselves surrounded and a struggle ensued. Realizing they were outnumbered, one officer drew his Taser, only to have it taken from him by Cristina Cruz, who then pointed it at him.

A second officer was slammed against a door.

“The officer was grabbed by his throat and slammed into the glass, pinned up to the glass door and was unable to move at that point,” said Lieutenant Tim Allen with the Lilburn Police Department.

The missing teen was found in the back of a vehicle with the son of Minister Wilmer Cruz.

Both Wilmer and Cristina Cruz were arrested on numerous charges. A 16-year-old and 17-year-old were also arrested, with the latter being charged as an adult.

The three being charged as adults are currently being held without bond on felony charges.