Parkland Survivor Admits to Bullying the Shooter. And She’s Not Sorry.

Parkland survivor Sinead O’Connor, also known as Emma Gonzalez, is on video admitting to not only bullying and ostracizing the Parkland shooter, but that she was justified in doing so. Lots to dive into on this one, so let’s roll tape:

Emma Gonzalez admits to bullying School Shooter Nikolas Cruz And Says She Was Justified In Doing So.#ParklandShooting #MarchForOurLives

— Meme America (@Millenniel_Matt) March 26, 2018
In case that tweet isn’t showing up for you:

M’kay. For clarity, I’m turning on my ordered list function.

  1. Just because a student is bullied doesn’t mean that student is justified in shooting up a school.Emma admitting she bullied
  2. the shooter is a tantamount admission the shooter, not the gun, is responsible
  3. for the shooting.Yet Emma participated in a march against guns, suggesting it’s the guns that ar
  4. e the problem, not the individual who pulled the trigger.Typically school shooters are young men, ostracized and bullied
  5. by their peers.Perhaps Emma and her peers who ostracized the Parkland shooter since middle school should have a march against bullying.Emma suggests no one was surprised the Parkland shooter turned
  6. out to be the shooter. She’s not alone, as it was also recommended by Scot Peterson (and others) the
  7. shooter be involuntarily committed.Had the shooter been committed, it’s unlikely he’d have been able to purchase a gun for the shooting.

Those are the obvious points. Unfortunately, we’re living in stupid times, where obvious points aren’t obvious.

Blaming a gun for someone’s actions is like Emma blaming her mechanical pencil for misusing the word “literally” in a school paper. Yet 200,000 or so dumbasses marched against the right to own guns. Which millions of law-abiding Americans, including myself, need for personal protection. Not to put too fine a point on it. Read also OPINION: I Carry a Gun So I Won’t Have to Say #MeToo.

The Parkland shooting had less to do with guns and more to do with governmental failure and, now according to Emma, the continued bullying of an unstable young man. Again, bullying doesn’t excuse or justify shooting up a school. Okay? Okay. But I think less bullying of students is certainly better than “We bullied him and he deserved it.” Fair?

People are responsible for their actions. The tools are not.

If you find typos in this post, it’s my keyboard’s fault.