UCF student to be deported after buying high-powered rifles, violating terms of visa

A University of Central Florida student who owned two high-power rifles is being deported back to China after police said he violated the terms of his visa.

UCF Police say 26-year-old Wenliang Sun was brought to their attention after university staff described him as undergoing a “major change in appearance and behavior.”

Among the alarming changes was Sun reportedly spending $70,000 cash on a new car “out of the blue,” the Orlando Sentinel reports.

To make matters more concerning, Sun had previously mentioned owning a high-powered firearm, police said.

According to Fox 35, investigators said Sun had purchased a LWRC 300 Blackout rifle and ammunition, which he kept in a public storage facility due to firearms not being allowed at his off-campus apartment complex. Sun then reportedly purchased a modified .308 Ruger Precision caliber rifle.

Both rifles were purchased legally because federal law allowed for those holding nonimmigrant visas to possess a firearm if they hold a hunting license, which Sun possessed.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Sun was a part of the school’s non-degree seeking program, and was required to go to class as per the terms of his visa. However, Sun later lost his visa status when he failed to go to class, thus making the guns illegal.

Upon losing his visa, Sun was taken into custody, and ordered by a judge to be sent back to China. Sun will not be allowed to return to the United States for at least 10 years.